made a really nice dinner

I made a really nice dinner tonight, but I was still bummed. I’m not sure if I was bummed out more over the fact that I was only making it for myself, or the fact that I *knew* I wasn’t making it for myself since my roommate, who has a fridge full of leftovers that I’d never consider touching, immediately asks me, “is there enough for me?” (there’s a full 9×13 baking pan of a baked pasta dish.. no, I don’t think there’s enough)

Not having a job is really turning him into a lump lately. He watches tv, makes sure to pick up a paper when I’m around and “look” for jobs, he doesn’t clean, doesn’t tidy, won’t even get the mail because he’s “not ready to go outside”. This is outside all right, to the lobby.

Al thinks I should put my foot down, but its not that easy. I am going to try to limit my behavior that encourages these habits though. He’s my friend and roommate, but I can’t be his nursemaid.

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