*place blog A into ego B to inflate…*

*place blog A into ego B to inflate…*

But he deserves it, not that this post should be all about Christopher, but last night he really did show me a wonderful evening. Completely his treat, we had dinner, I had filet mignon, then a nice walk around, ending up at Borders Books of all places, but they did have those cookbooks I like at 3 for the price of 2, and he bought me a nice gift on DVD, the surprise of which was totally ruined by the woman checking him out with the loudmouth, but still, I liked it. He got me Eddie Izzard, Dress to Kill. This guy is like a funny Dennis Miller… as a transvestite… and British. The joke/line most people know from him is “Americans pronounce it (h)erbs and we [British] pronounce it herbs, because there’s a fucking ‘H’ in it!”

This morning we went to a yardsale or three, then lunch and a used book sale. I was good, only managed to pick up a few things and spend $5 for the day. Then we broke for the afternoon and I relaxed at home watching ‘Chicago’ while getting in touch with Michael to see if he felt like coming down for dinner.

He came over around 6 and I called Christopher to see if he wanted to join us for dinner, we went for middle eastern at Skewers, a place that I know Michael likes, since he’s been a little down lately over his new job. The conversation got to one thing and another and some of Christopher’s good traits came out in a less than positive manner and he snapped at me.. a little. I suppose it was my fault for letting the conversation get to where it was. We were discussing Michael’s problems at work, then my roommate’s problems, the conversation was just a downer.

Unfortunately, I think I ate too much since I wasn’t feeling very well later on in the evening, but we did get to walking around Dupont and chatting which is always good, until Michael had a special needs moment and we had to head home. But I was getting tired anyway, so I suppose it’s no big deal.

I probably won’t end up seeing Christopher tomorrow, since he seemed to be getting together with friends, and needing some “me” time. Not that I can blame him… Hm, that was some self-pity talking. We will be doing a lot of things together in the coming month.

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