readin’, writin’, race relations

… readin’, writin’, race relations …

Today’s just a day for remembering your skin color.. One of my mailing lists forwarded around a Good Morning America story (Touchy Subject) after seeing it refer to the site, Which then led me to another article about a book my mother mentioned ages ago (Getting Under Our Skin), which I might actually go look for soon, or I might look for a used copy since I hear it doesn’t show a large perspective from both sides of the race coin… both?! Oh yeah that’s right, there are only two races in America depending on who you are, either it’s Whites and Blacks, or Whites and Everyone Else.

And now on NPR the Tavist Smiley show is on discussing, of course, race, and now interracial relationships, which brings me to why I even noticed any of this more today, I guess. I’m tired of being alone, and I’m tired of trying to date. Interracial dating is hard as hell in DC it seems. Though I can probably pull the word interracial off that statement too, but it seems like I’ve got just one more stigma hanging over my head. I’ve tried personal ads but mine only seem to attract men that are 15-20 years older than me, and the ones I answer are either “Sorry, not really interested in black men” or “You’re not what I’m looking for” which is at least a more polite response, I guess. So I could just as easily turn this into a “Gee it’s hard to date” post as well, but it just seems that the opportunities within the community are limited for those of us that don’t just “fit” into one side or the other. Be that muscle or twink or bear or black, white, asian, hispanic, etc.

Frankly, I’m about ready to start looking underneath rocks and bridges for decent guys. Feels like turning 30 has made me more aware of my relationship mortality.

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