Five demons watching over him…

Ok, I’m dry now and everything’s put away. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t had to stop and rearrange the things in my bags, even after telling the woman at the register that I was walking, but getting a scowl if I tried to move something from one bag to another.

Good thing I was wearing a hat. I almost didn’t make it out to the store at all, I have grand plans that fatigue will derail in a heartbeat, but I just got up, put on bum clothes and did it, figuring no one will really care if I’m not showered, they just won’t want to stand too close to me. I did forget microwave popcorn though, so I might have to head back later this afternoon. The walk will do me good.

Last night was redeemed by Christopher visiting to see the end of Boy meets Boy (*ugh*) and the Fab Five, which I’m definitely warming up to. Still for all they say, some lines are getting tired. Yes, nervous straight men who razor shave do it in a hurry, get over it already. Though Ted had a good line, they were watching their weekly victim attempt to prepare oysters and he said “Wow, you’d think he had five demons watching over him or something…”

I was also glad Christopher offered to come to my place instead of me to his. I know that he lives alone and I don’t, so for privacy it’s usually easier, but it’s nice to be given the option to have him over sometime, and not just to cook for him. *grin*

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