Another day, another dollar… sort of

Another day, another dollar. One of the employees I work very closely with and manage a bunch of sites for just returned from vacation today. I don’t know if she knows about my layoff, and I haven’t spoken to anyone in my company about it so I don’t know what I can or can’t tell her.

Last night was the first night of our bowling league, I bowled above average, which was surprising to me, but had a good time nonetheless. My thumb is suffering though, I don’t know if I need the holes in my ball re-drilled or I just need to wear something on my thumb to reduce that. One of our opponent’s team members was being extremely friendly towards me and not the rest of our team, and that was pretty amusing. I guess being cute does have its advantages since flirtation and bowling don’t mix, we beat them all three games and for total pins. I’ve been a little surprised at the amount of people who are quick to ask me what I do and then when I tell them and subsequently tell them I’m going to be laid off, they immediately ask for a copy of my resume. Even people I’ve only just met.

I’m not sure what I’d like to do at this point, actually. Start some waves and see if I really am that non-essential here, or accept the layoff on the 19th and take some time for me, I don’t really get anything in the way of a severance package so far as I can tell since, to CSC, I’ve only been here a short time (even though I’ve worked at this place for 6 years), so I get paid up to the 19th, and then my vacation hours paid out to me, and that’s nearly 200 hours at this point. I never go anywhere.

Christopher is helping me with my resume, and he’s doing some networking for me, so it will be very easy for me to see my options. I’d also like to take some time for my own self-training and learn some of the stuff that I never could learn at this job due to having no time and no need. I’m good at web stuff on a basic to intermediate level, but there’s still a lot I don’t know that’s becoming considered “standard.” My design skills aren’t really on par with my literary/presentation skills. I know what looks good and what sounds good, just don’t give me nothing and tell me to “be creative.”

The one thing that bums me out is the surprise of this news. Timing is horrible, a week before my birthday. And here at the office, it seems like no one knows. And it suddenly made me sad that very few people might even care. I don’t expect anyone to make a lot of fuss, or throw me a party. But it would be nice. Hell most people on my own contract don’t even know that I’m here today. But that’s what you get after being moved to the basement after 6 years. Christopher said I should watch “Office Space” then he said that maybe I shouldn’t.

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