Daily Archive: September 9, 2003


More wisdom from the Hax

Carolyn continues to come through.. maybe I should write her sometime… Not that the following situation is exactly the same as mine, but it’s close. Loss of respect for a friend is tough, but it’s harder because you wonder if...


Knowledge from the Hax

Couples whose priorities, quirks, maturity, emotional skills, egos, temperaments, libidos, senses of humor, spending habits, travel habits, intellects, politics, attitudes toward family, cleanliness, generosity, ambitions, hobbies and shoe tastes align well are better together than others. The rest is pretty...


Another day, another dollar… sort of

Another day, another dollar. One of the employees I work very closely with and manage a bunch of sites for just returned from vacation today. I don’t know if she knows about my layoff, and I haven’t spoken to anyone...