I’m feeling a little better about the job thing…

I spent today updating my resume given a nice morning reprieve by Christopher letting me hang out at his place.

Last night a friend of his had an art/photography show at his condo, it was nice, but very warm in there. Mix a lot of people, a hot place and sparkling/wine, not a good scene, but afterwards we got burgers and all was right with the world. Christopher’s being very supportive and I do appreciate it. And not in that “how are you feeling?” asked 100 times, kind of way.

In other news, I’m really losing respect for my roommate, he’s feigning helplessness in lieu of taking responsibility for his actions. He wants validation for everything he does, yet he lies or tells half truths about things, and frankly, he’s not a good liar so he always gets caught. That and he’s got me screening calls with caller ID now because if he can’t keep his men straight, I see no reason why I should. And the thing that most cheeses me off, don’t ask advice of me… and the person I’m dating… act like you’re taking our words to heart, and then completely ignore it later. It’s a waste of my time.

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