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This is me at my least mature…

I’m not feeling very well today after having a bit of depressive episode over the weekend, but staying at home for a mental health day, this made me laugh.


“I only smile in the dark”

“I was doing so well until the rains came…” sounds more like the start of a Young Adult genre novel than a commentary on my current mood, but it’s true.


Climbing out of the abyss

I’m slowly coming out of a major funk, but I still think I’m a horrible person. It’s sometimes really difficult to reconcile those things.


day off: ain’t doin’ nuthin

Just three days after the 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s actual day off, I had my own day off from work. I may have tied it to National Cancer Survivors Day, but it was really just a matter of having...


personal: my weird brain

We’re all slaves to it, but none of us can really explain why it does what it does… unless you’re a neuroscientist, in which case… wow. But just this past week, I was reminded yet again that my brain just...


wishes: Somewhere that’s green…

I absolutely hate moving, but while looking over a friend’s shoulder at craigslist apartment rental ads this weekend, I noticed the following house for rent that made me think, “Hm… maybe moving wouldn’t be so bad!” At $2,999, it’s a...


home: an insect of the family Cimicidae

So… yeah, I’ve got bedbugs. All those times hearing the rhyme, Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite! and I thought it was just a cute thing to say at bedtime. Yeah… not. Even though this is just the latest...


moving: closet zero

Wow. As I said on brightkite, I honestly never thought I would get to this point. My closet–after coming out of it–ended up being a catch all for just about everything else that doesn’t normally see the light of day....


time: thirty-something

In roughly thirty-something days, I’ll be turning a new thirty-something of my own. Freakouts have already begun about this. You can’t help but evaluate your life, where you are, where you thought you’d be. I see myself as getting too...