Victory is mine!!

It’s like a progression. First Married with Children, then The Simpsons to outdo them in animated form, then Family Guy to outdo them… and FOX finally decided that enough was enough and that airing “World’s [Superlative Adjective] [Noun] [Verb]” and “When [Plural Noun] Attacks” was much more entertaining.

“Family Guy” Eyes Comeback
Little Stewie Griffin’s plans to enslave the human race might be a go after all. USA Today reports that Seth McFarlane’s canceled animated comedy “Family Guy,” which Fox repeatedly yanked from its lineup, could return with 35 new episodes in January 2005. A final decision on whether the megalomaniacal toddler and the rest of the dysfunctional Griffin clan will come back is expected soon, says the paper. The proposed resurrection of the series is reportedly the result of continued DVD demand and strong syndicated ratings.

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