it’s pouring

Just one bad thing after another. I found out that the disbursement of our 401(k) money was held up by fine print that no one bothered to inform us of, and that we had to practically use a microscope to find. In the best case scenario, we’ll get money maybe by the end of June. On the bright side, those that got their money early will have to tangle with the IRS later on, but that’s cold comfort.

Work gave me a headache yesterday, but Al was nice enough to call and try to distract me and cheer me up, which he managed to do quite well. Even so, I left at 2pm, working my 8 hours on the dot and no more, then went home and ended up falling asleep on the couch and somehow waking up in bed. I don’t recall making the move from one to the other.

I got home from work to find that my DSL is *still* out from yesterday morning, and when I call Verizon (whose technical support sucks, by the way, sucks-sucks-sucks), they tell me, again, that they don’t/can’t/won’t support home networks, but if I’ll just set the DSL up on a single computer they’d be happy to troubleshoot it for me. My home setup hasn’t changed in months, so I’m not too inclined to change it, and generally I know that when I call, the problem is not on my end, but try telling that to a representative that doesn’t think that over 30 calls from my area code represents a significant amount to start any additional work. So I left it off and figured if it wasn’t fixed by morning, I’d try things their way.

Al called so we could watch The Weakest Link together, and chat for a bit. I can’t believe 2 more days and he’s here. And he even understands that my money situation is pretty crappy right now, but still says he doesn’t mind finding things to do that are cheap or free, and DC has plenty of those.

To top all this off, my Mac’s hard drive is dying, I think. It’s making noises that hard drives should NOT be making, and lately when it boots up it can’t even see the OS. I guess it’s time to replace it, but all my mail is on the damn machine. Figures. At least there’s nothing there that I can’t live without, but its still REALLY crappy. Plus I’m not sure how to format a drive for the Mac, I don’t have a system disk, so I’ll have to ask Chris for help. And he’s been really… odd lately. I can’t really figure out where it’s coming from, and since he’ll likely be the last to talk about it, I can only wait as I haven’t the resources to devote to it right now.

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