Marriage Protection Week

I’m so glad I didn’t hear about Marriage Protection Week when it was happening, or I might have been arrested for picketing in front of the White House..
The best quote from the press release? – “And we must continue our work to create a compassionate, welcoming society, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.”
The upshot of it is, people KNOW that the institution of marriage is in trouble, they just won’t let a new generation of thinkers (and lovers) breathe new life into it.
It’s like the episode of Deep Space Nine episode “Sanctuary“. A displaced alien race comes to Bajor claiming that it is their spiritual home, they are skilled farmers, they asked for a piece of land on the planet that was considered barren and unfarmable, and Bajor’s gov’t still told them no. Now,
this was a planet that had recently won its freedom, so fear was a big factor. But it was the same futility of thinking.

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