Oh! The Places You’ll Surf!

I was looking for information on “Birds of Prey” homegrown dvds online and ended up on Petition Online. I suppose the one that disturbed me the most was the one about Closed Captioning. Apparently yet another class/section of people are being told what they can/can’t see+hear/do.
I recall talking with Matthew about how I don’t believe that we’ll be a “united country” let alone people in my lifetime. He’s not a Star Trek fan, but I did tell him how some people fans and non-fans say that they wish life could just be like Star Trek. What they fail to mention all that often in the tv series and movies (until First Contact) was that the reason humanity is all we-are-one-race-one-planet in that time is that they blew the hell out of themselves and the planet in a 3rd world war. There were precious few people left to band together. In other words, they had no choice, hell Starfleet HQ is in San Fran because the East Coast no longer exists! (Though I do like that the inventor o
f Warp Drive was really just trying to make a buck)
Besides, I’m one of those weirdos that likes having captions or subtitles on when I watch movies. Keeps me from rewinding.
Of course now I’ve caught wind of something on Snopes and I’m off on another surf-fest. Love my urban legends.

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