What’s in a name?

Unknowing L. Chinook has an important message for me.. sadly I can’t read Russian. *grin*
I’m just going to keep adding the names to this entry, it’s getting really amusing, and educational since I look up the words I don’t know.

Kenneth C. Heavier
Aftermath A. Megalopolises
Mitts H. Tampon
Unknowing L. Chinook
Octopuses O. Maturing
Readjustments Q. Razors
Mellowing P. Nooned
Manual A. Mentalities
Washables T. Distincter
Huckleberries T. Silencers
Faunae L. Paragon
Whirling E. Blast
Misinterpretation E. Inspected
Hallelujahs F. Summers
Stretchy J. Silkworms
Pentameter S. Hydrating
Oration L. Alabaster
Kingfisher T. Shuttered
Slay V. Tattoos
Oppress B. Boycotts
Superegos S. Quarterback
Schoenberg E. Officials
Expropriate U. Ambulance
Wapitis U. Tropic
Glassware G. Subtotal

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