I’m sick. Definitely sick. It sucks. I was thinking of calling out, but didn’t really think it was a good idea. I might just work straight through today and go home.
I feel bad since I told Michael we’d hang out tonight but that may depend upon how good/bad I feel. I do need to go to the mall and get cards for my coworkers, but I think sleep might be a better idea.
I’m rolling on DayQuil at the moment, but for some reason, my head hurts and I just feel nauseous. Maybe the walk home last night is to blame, it didn’t feel that cold to me, but I did have a bit of a cough yesterday, I’m just in denial. I hate being sick.
The holiday party last night was fun, they paid for a happy hour for us at ESPN Zone, and it was nice, but definitely a straight man’s bar, we got to play some games too. The food was.. so-so, and the free drink tickets could only buy beer or wine, but it could have been worse. I should have taken a cab home though.
I got all my shopping done last night, thank goddess for online stores
and coupon codes out the wazoo. And it’s all being sent home ahead of me, so all I have to do is get home, wrap it up, and that’s that. Mostly the family’s getting music and clothing and jewelry, it works well enough.

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