*ugh* cont’d

The chills are the worst, I think. I’ve never gotten out of the habit of wearing long sleeved things just so that I can push or roll them up. But it’s a serious freak out when I look down at my arms and every hair is standing to attention on goosebumps and THEN, I get the bodywide chill, as if I had to notice that my body was reacting first before I felt anything.
I hope the cafeteria has soup. I’ve warned my coworkers off getting too close to me, and I cancelled with Michael tonight, I think I’m going to sit at home, lie on the couch and watch movies or DS9 on dvd.
I’m hoping my roommate hasn’t decided to turn the heat down.. again. I got in and was freezing last night, I assumed it was from being outside. After about an hour of shivering, I look at the thermostat and its been turned down 3 degrees. Ok, I know, 3 degrees, but it makes a hell of a difference. Usually from Nov to Mar, I’m always cold, it’s just a matter of how cold I’m not depending on where I am. But when I said “No wonder it’s so cold in here, the thermostat’s down!” He acted as if I hadn’t said anything, I spared him from
the usual “Do you know who did this?” that my mother sometimes says to my father when they’re the only ones in the house. His only defense was “It’s only 3 degrees”. To which I responded “You know I’m cold no matter how hot it is below 80 degrees, why didn’t you just tell me?” Response, “It’s only 3 degrees!”
What’s worse than people who answer a question with a question? Those that answer it with a response, like it’s just a matter of returning stimuli.

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