the reckoning…

It’s been nearly a week and I haven’t thrown anything out yet… I’m eyeing one of the bookcase things I have in my room, there’s a short 2 shelf one, and a tall 6 shelf one. I was thinking about throwing out the 2-shelf and putting the 6-shelf where it used to stand. There’s another older piece of furniture that I could throw out that I don’t really use, except as a place to put junk on.
I’m really trying to decide whether I want an overwhelming amount of furniture, or if I’d like the cleaner approach of enjoying free space between few possessions. I’m not exactly a minimalist, but I would like to pare down the amount of STUFF I have lying around the apartment.
I don’t think I need the fab five to come through my apartment, but I could use a sentimental junk management consultant. (while meant as a joke, I’m sure that’s a real job title, or soon will be) I was looking around the laundry room last night and there are some kitchen gadgets that are in regular use and some others that haven’t been used since the move-in, and that was nearly a year ago. Think it might b
e time to get rid of them… I just need to introduce the part of my brain that says “but you paid $XXX for that” to the part that says “that money’s spent now, let it go.”
I also have to sneak the throwing out of stuff past my roommate who’ll say “Don’t throw that away!” – which, in a small apartment only solves half the problem. Now the item may no longer be mine, but I still have it taking up the same amount of space. *ugh*

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