mmm, brilliance.. so fleeting

I’m smart enough to remember to bring in oatmeal for breakfast or lunch.. but not smart enough to bring in spoons.. and we have an abundance of plastic cutlery in the apartment.
Speaking of flatware.. I’m taking all recommendations on a new set of utensils. I’ve got new dishes arriving today, and I’m ready to replace the stuff I’ve been using to eat with as well, but I have no idea where to go or what to get. So if you see a set out there funky or groovy or even plain-jane enough for me, comment/e-mail/IM me a link to it.
I’ll probably go for something cheap and easy for the moment, since I have to contend with a roommate. Currently all of my spoons are bent out of shape because he didn’t understand the concept of an ice-cream scoop.

Update 11:45a: Spoon found…

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