Win a Date to see a movie…

Went to see Win a Date with Tad Hamilton last night. It was a free advance screening, so I can’t really complain. PhD was nice enough to pay for the cab over, pay for drinks ($6.50 for two small sodas?!) and pay for the cab ride home. I suspect he may be one of those types that makes a fair amount of money, but doesn’t let it go to his head.
The movie was nice, a good mushy romantic comedy type thing, more than a little predictable. Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes were surprisingly funny without being campy. I think Queer Eye on Bravo has taught people that gays are funnier en masse.
I am reminded why people PAY to see movies though, there were some kids with free passes that just talked and acted up through the entire movie. But it’s free, whatyagonnado?
There were some Dreamworks promo people there, so I got more passes to additional screenings to pass along to my friends, and some Tad Hamilton swag as well as signing up for more free movie screenings. Netflix has spoiled me into getting so much more for my dollar when it come
s to films. 🙂
I need a 2004 calendar.. I need a few actually. What’s the time that they usually start getting discounted?

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