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For once I was reading stories in the Express that I hadn’t yet heard of or had only heard a small bit about, which is pretty rare.

Metro: They’re idiots. They have so many problems with parking attendants stealing cash that they make everyone use SmarTrip cards for parking. And now they’re running out, so people have to be even more inconvenienced by buying paper farecards and handing them to “parking customer assistance representatives”.
I love living in this city and I think that our public transportation system is pretty ok, but lately, they’ve been making decisions that show absolutely no forward thinking. “Hm, if we encourage everyone to use SmarTrip.. maybe we’d better make sure we have enough on hand.”
They’ve also scrapped the late night 2-car train idea, since.. guess what? People were utilizing the late night hours and trains were overcrowded. Wow. I guess they expanded the hours thinking that no one was going to ride the trains that late at night…

The 9/11 Commission Report: Apparently it’s an instant best-seller, also available online. You gotta wonder if people have yet had enough. I mean the mere fact that 9/11 happened means we weren’t ready. Did we really need a national commission to tell us that? What we really want, I suppose, is someone to blame. We won’t be happy just moving on, honoring the dead and their sacrifices. We want to know who’s head to put on the proverbial pike… oh, and annex Iraq as a new shopping mall/theme park complex. The sovereignty can decide how much sales tax to charge.

Marriage: I can only find very few stories about this around. And mainly through Reuters and AP feeds, not on the “big” news services. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if either presidential candidate is “with” “us” on this matter, but we just have to hope that the will of the people isn’t as in line with Bush as he thinks. (I still think he’s just a good looking, shaved, well-trained monkey)

Metro passengers: Today I broke out of my usual norm. A woman was taking up her own seat and the seat next to her with possessions, and I just asked if I could sit there and she perhaps-not-so-happily moved her things. She had boxes of Dunkin Donuts.. her co-workers are lucky.
Also, if someone with headphones is looking at you pretty intently, it could mean a few things. If they have white iPod headphones like yours, it’s the same as two classic car owners honking or flashing lights. Or they could be cruising you. If it’s me, however, I’m looking at you because I don’t have to wonder what you’re listening to. I can hear it very clearly over MY OWN music. What’s the point of asking people not to bring radios on the trains if they have headphones that sound just as loud…
… and I’m spent. Onto the workday and decaf cofee. 😀

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