Well that was a fun task…

I just spent the last few hours eradicating links to an “adult entertainment” website from fois’ webpages.

Apparently the .org that a lot of pages referred to used to have one URL, then they bought another and let the original lease slide. The new owners of their URL are an unsavory site that we’d rather not have people go to.
So searching the over 50,000 pages of our website, I came up with 300 references to it, a lot of which had already been fixed.. out of all of that it came down to 3 pages. What fun! And these were 3 pages highly unlikely to be touched by users anyway.

But I’m keeping the pages safe for democracy.. er.. the republic.. or whatever the hell it is we are.
But you know when I get home I’m gonna have to look at that site and see what it’s all about, right?

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