Tracking Political Money

Tracking Political Money – I think this is pretty cool, and frankly, I *like* an easy way to access public information. This quote from the article sums it up:

Some folks don’t like this ease of snooping, worrying that nosey employers or stalkers could abuse FundRace.
But Peretti and Michael Frumin, the lead developer, noted that all the information is already publicly available (the FEC’s site offers it, although much less conveniently). “Anyone who is a crazy stalker, if they really wanted to, could have found this information before,” said Frumin.

People had the same worries over the whole Google reverse phone number lookup with address. And I’m like.. If you don’t want the information out there, lock it down on your own. Privacy begins in your own damn camp. Then again, it’s the same person that doesn’t want their home phone number and address look up on the web, but will freak out the day mapquest stops operating in conjunction with a search for a day care service.

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