and on some days.. i’m an idiot

I carried the set of Mikasa dishes that had a broken bowl in them back to the Post Office this morning. It wasn’t exactly heavy as much as it was a box that one would need slightly longer arms to carry comfortably. Also in my bag was a Netflix dvd to be sent back.
So I make it through traffic, icy sidewalk spots, strangers stating the obvious (“Wow, that’s a large box.” and similar), make it to the post office which has this strange sliding door that you have to push things through – I guess there have been a lot of hold ups at the Post Office or something, and set the big box down. It has a postage paid label on it already so that was all I had to do.
I walk out, happy to have free use of my arms again, and completely forget to send off the Netflix dvd. Today will be the day I discover where the nearest postbox to my office is. 🙂

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