It’s too cold…

With the start of a new pay/billing period comes the thought at about 7am… “Should I call out today?” – I feel like I should have, I’ve got tons of chores to do at home, though I got a pretty ok start on that last night. I’ve got xmas shopping to do, and my throat is still sore, oddly enough I have my normal voice back, so I dunno what I’ve got. Aside from a serious case of hatred of cold weather. But I will say that those wrap-around earmuff things are a godsend.
This morning in the office, someone was sniffing around our desks and when another manager asked if she could help him, he says “I’m just looking at the fixtures and furniture here, we’re thinking about moving you to P1 (the parking level), and we wanted to get the color of the fixtures right.” My manager says that someone’s always talking about moving us, so we’ll see. But it just seems so “ST: Insurrection” to say that they wanted to get the fixtures the same color.. as if they’re going to knock us out one morning and we’ll wake up in the new offices and think nothing’s changed. (Yes, I know that’s horribly geeky, but so what)
Last night I watched Zoolander for the first time ever and it was very funny, just what I needed combined with chinese take-away from across the street since I was supposed to meet someone last night and they were a complete no-show online during the day so that we could firm up plans for the evening. But it allowed me to sort my laundry, woo-hoo.

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