PC – TV – Tuner cards?

I’m curious about these devices since I realize that I’m watching less and less tv *in* my room and what I am watching is usually on my computer(s) since they have dvd players and the tv I have, while larger than my monitors, is old and bulky and color’s kinda shoddy.
There’s also the added benefit of being able to “record” tv shows on my PC. But mainly I want to reduce some clutter in my room, and my flatscreen monitors are like 19″ and can easily be seen from my bed or anywhere else in my room and are much easier to position than my old tv.
I can feel my “tidy up” genes kicking in again. I wouldn’t bother selling the old tv, just getting rid of it (most likely when my roommate can’t see me). There’s only one or two things around my place that I could see selling, the window a/c unit and a 19″ crt monitor, and I’d rather take that to a UPS store and send it to my parents place, or if they visit again, sending it back with them.
Maybe I’ll look on ebay and see what’s out there. Routing the satellite tv to the side of the room with my computer on it will be weird, b
ut I think it’s do-able. It could mean completely changing the layout of everything… Ooooh, FUN!

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