Do not trifle with raw power…

Blue BawlsI promise.. I will never again doubt the sheer unfettered power of Bawls.
I bought a case of the things to give a pair to my roommate as a birthday gift. I thought, since I don’t really do coffee, maybe I’d like these as a little pick-me-up. — Lordy child!
I had one yesterday afternoon after being home for a few hours. By about 9:30 pm, I was totally hopped up. I was chatting with a friend on the phone and all of a sudden mile-a-minute speech would come out of my mouth. I realized I was bouncy.. I think it was also the perceived stir-craziness, since it really was kinda nasty to be out and about. If the gym were going to be open longer, I might have actually gone to burn off the energy.
The taste was ok, kinda citrus-y, but in that way that it doesn’t really get in the way of drinking it. Bawls is primarily marketed to gamers, and I’d imagine t
hat they just want a cool looking thing to keep chugging, but don’t want to get all involved with “flavor.” And at 80mg of caffeine per 12oz, it definitely beats out any other sodas, including Jolt. ;>
Ah Guarana, I worshop at your temple… just a little more carefully next time. I mean hell, I still got 20 more bottles of the stuff. :þ

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