Daily Archive: March 11, 2004


Not as high as hoped, but still within striking distance

Our Week Eight Standings are as follows: PL PT TM TEAM NAME MEMBERS 01 38 08 BEAVERS (Wiener/Bryant/Kessner/Colgan) 02 38 17 MISSING IN ACTION (Boggio/Hackett/Fitzsimmons/Crutchfield) 03 37 13 THE HORNDOGS (Potter/Mosley/Sumner/Walsh) 04 37 26 BOOBS AND BALLS (Tyner/Odosso/Curtiss/Wasser) 05 36...


Local snaps

Just a few pictures I’ve taken on the walk to and from work this week, LJ-cut but nothing naughty if that’s what you’re hoping for. 😛 I saw these stuck to this pole for a few days and the efficiency...