Local snaps

Just a few pictures I’ve taken on the walk to and from work this week, LJ-cut but nothing naughty if that’s what you’re hoping for. 😛

I saw these stuck to this pole for a few days and the efficiency of it just amused me. It seems that the same person “lives” at the bus stop near this area, and he’s a good collector. Yesterday I walked by and saw two weed whackers in his “yard”. I’m not sure if the city or the police care, I’ve never seen him asking for money, but I walk by fairly early in the day.

I took a picture of this statue before when it was snowy (and
I’m not sure where those pics are), something about the figure of the woman seems very serene and a little bit longing to me. I saw a bit of color and thought it might be trash, so after I took the picture I walked across the street (nearly getting killed) to remove it…

What I found there just added to the character of the statue.

The next time someone tells me about having an “old soul,” I’m going to think of this tree. It has a self-made-bonsai quality to it, as if, over the years it got bored and decided to try growing in a new fashion. I could see a time-lapse film set around this tree, watching civilization come and go around it as it just kept growing.

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