My babies!

Yes, sometimes shopping is like the closest thing I’ll ever have to giving birth. Instead of suffering for 9 months and crippling labor, I get it right away then sometimes spend 9 months paying for it with crippling interest charges.
But still, it’s OH so nice when things arrive. My new speakers (that forced me to buy) will be there waiting for me when I get home. Much like those XM Satellite radio commercials, these will make my little iPod into its own mini stereo and I can clean off my work hard drive from the wee bit of music I store on it.
I’m eyeing a standalone VCR/DVD/DVR unit, but only if I can swing it cheap on ebay, then I won’t feel so bad if it turns out to be a piece of crap.
We watched Century City last night, it was ok, but nothing particulary spectacular. A legal drama that takes place in the year 2030, so it’s sort of a big deal in that a major network is doing a somewhat sci fi (though more fantasy) series. But it still suffers from the usual major network and television flaws. It’s only 25 years from now, but as usual there’s a major leap in everyday tech, and the show mostly plays out like “L.A. Law: 2030” I’ll give it one or two more weeks, but it doesn’t bode well for their anticipated success that they’re already playing a new episode at a “special” time this Saturday.
And I love the psychological scam of the synopsis for the next episode, “The firm argues that a young man with a bionic eye, who is being barred from playing baseball, should not be considered enhanced, but rather, disabled.” I immediately thought bionic to mean functioning prosthetic – like what Geordi said he’d never get, but eventually did, on a normal human scale – but you know people are gonna think “6 Million Dollar Man.” Then again, maybe that’s the angle they’re going for.

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