another of those days…

I could have SO stayed in bed today, but I have to overcome the emotional sucking chest wound that is coming from half of my apartment.
The sun was out, which was lovely.. and it felt like it was in the low 30s, which is not so lovely, but what can ya do? I bundle up for the walk to work and get to the office sweating like a pig.
The e-mail I sent to the local Help Desk was responded to this morning, by another contractor, not with my company. I don’t know if they treat “fellow” contractors differently from government employees, but I pray that they do. These people came over, hovered behind me, leaned on my desk, grabbed my phone and dragged it, nearly knocking over my coffee, all the while just muttering hm’s and uh-huh’s to each other, not really telling me what was happening. They’d leave, and I’d attempt to get back to work only to have them come back a minute later saying “oh, try it now!” All this to map a friggin’ network drive.
I grabbed my coffee and took a “walk” down to the other end of the cubes and figured I’d let them work it all out. How am I supposed to read my personal e-mail and journal and chat while they’re hovering? 😛

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