They learn nothing!

They missed with Coupling, so now NBC wants to take on “The Office”. Just because they share two initials, NBC does not need to try to become The American BBC. We’ve already GOT BBC America.
If the entire country gets upset over a Jackson boobie, they certainly can’t try to duplicate a show from the UK that has completely different censorship standards. The AbFab clone failed.. the Cosby clone failed.. Coupling failed.. Our Doctor Who movie was barely bearable. Then again, I watch approximately 2-3 hours of “new” television shows a week, everything else is Law & Order. (that’s right, three links, three series)
added note: Hm, I rarely watch Law & Order: Special Victims, but the upcoming one looks good:
HOME – 10pm 2004-05-15
When an upper Westside resident finds a young boy scavenging through his garbage looking for food, Detectives Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Benson (Mariska Hargitay) track down the child’s mother, believing him to be the victim of abuse. However, after the detectives interview the single mother, they discover she rules her home with a tight fist keeping a close watch on both her sons, sharing her paranoia over the dangers of the city with them.
Dixie Carter (“Designing Women”) also guest stars in the episode as Attorney Denise Brockmorton and Marlo Thomas (“That Girl”) portrays a former judge gone into private practice who offers some sagely advice.
Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, Ice-T and Diane Neal also star.

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