cozy, quaint, intimate…

use any word you like, it’s still SMALL.
I went to see an apartment after work yesterday. It was in a building of condos and being handled by a very nice realtor that was impressed by my being early for the appointment. (Not difficult since it was right around the corner from my current place)
The apartment was tiny. The ad calls it “cute” and I’ll remember that cute is apparently realtor talk for small. My shower is larger than the “kitchen(ette)” was and my queen sized bed might have fit in the “fairly small” bedroom… but I couldn’t fit in there with it. The only thing that kept it from being called a studio is the slight division for the bedroom… oh and the washer and dryer? IN the bedroom.
I know that advertising a room for rent is like advertising anything else, but damn… I was nice, I took his card and told him I’d let him know, but to be honest I think it was pretty clear from the looks on my face that he wouldn’t be hearing from me. Though I might send an e-mail
thanks just to be proper.

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