cleaning fumes…

I swear, my hands still smell like bleach. I gave half the bathroom a *good* cleaning last night. I figure if the lanlord’s going to want to announce availability in two’ish weeks, I’d better get the place looking somewhat presentable, yet lived-in. We haven’t “done” anything to the apartment since we’ve lived there, nothing more than normal wear & tear, and he’s got a security deposit anyway, but I don’t want to risk bad references by having the place look dirty when we aren’t around.
Just once I wish we had normal bathroom walls, though. They’re marble, and you can’t clean marble with scrubbing bubbles. You can’t really use most products out there on marble, so I’ll tackle the shower walls some other time.
I took a nice brain-free night last night, watched the tube, finished downloading Season 3 Farscape eps (it’s free for me, til it’s on DVD!) and read some comics. Roomie was nowhere to be seen, so it was a nice break from him as well. I heard him come in after I’d gone to bed, so
at least he wasn’t dead in a ditch someplace.

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