We kick such ass…

My scores last night, 183, 166, 180 for a 529 series for the night. Considering that my average is 144, we were well on our way to a nice shut out, and we achieved it. I and another team member bowled over our average and the other two dipped a little below, but my game was on fire.
Unfortunately during the second game one of the opposing team members fell (she doesn’t really have a very healthy stance at the lane) and popped her knee out, so for all I know she could have had a great game the rest of the night, but we couldn’t dwell on it forever though I think one of my teammates was dwelling on it since focus seemed a little gone. Oh well.
Standings come out on Weds. I’m hoping that we’ve moved up to 4th (at least?) place. We just have to keep this up. It’s exciting for our team to be in the higher rankings for a change (and not be a team that totally overpowers or totally sucks).
I’m really craving a Cherry Coke.

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