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I very rarely throw out the phrase “I’m never shopping here again” because it’s an empty threat.. not so much empty as toothless. Most stores couldn’t care less if *one* person doesn’t shop at their store, especially large retail chains. So long as I don’t stand outside the store and exercise my right to free speech defaming the store and their policies, who gives a fcuk?
But this Best Buy thing, regardless of the fact that I’m going to have to break down and jump through ten hoops to get my laptop taken care of.. it’s really gotten to me. I go to Best Buy. If you live in DC, your all-sorts-of-electronics store options are severely limited. We’ve got at least two Best Buy’s that are metro-accessible that I know of. No big Circuit City’s except a mini one in the mall. And as you reach into the burbs, the Best Buy’s are becoming like Starbucks, drive for another 5 miles and you’ll see another one.
This year I’ve bought three things from them, the laptop, a cd and a game controller, and that’s it. Oh there was the gift certificate for a friend’s b’day too. But no more. I don’t
care if they have the best price (oh god, did I just say that?), I won’t stop going, since that’s just what ya do when you’re near one. But I’ll treat the stores like I would browsing online. Seeing what’s out that’s new, but going elsewhere to buy it. I don’t advocate anyone else do the same unless you feel really cheesed off by someone’s policies. In the long run, the lack of your dollars don’t mean much to them, but you’ll feel better avoiding the potential stress. This isn’t even a matter of the employees pissing me off, which they did, but they were just following the store policy to the letter, while they could have made a choice to go above & beyond (we used to get awards at my old contract for going above & beyond customer expectations on any given task), they didn’t and I won’t fault them for that, when the parent company doesn’t encourage them to do so.
So Best Buy is off the list. Boycotts take work, which is why so few of them pan out, but I figure if my friends tease me enough about it over time, it’ll stick. 😛 Now to rename my journal, “Best Buy is The Devil.” I wonder if is already taken? 😉

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