casual woes

I am running out of nice casual day outfit ideas. Not that I look bad, but I swear I’m wearing the same thing from one Friday to the next.. Generally a white oxford, but clearly not a work shirt.. sleeve collars turned up just once.. not tjuzed a la QE and jeans with either my “I’m taller than you” shoes or my $18 Reeboks (thank you Marshall’s!).
I think this place has me thrown off. My old job, every day was more in the casual realm.. especially in my last few months there when hell, I’m not even sure anyone knew I was even in the office. But here we have to be more presentable on a Mon-Thu basis. *bleh*
And I rarely rarely rarely ever wear short sleeves to the office, even on casual day. I don’t *do* company logo emblazoned polo shirts, nee-ther.
(odd side note: I can’t stand when people repeat words and phrases in speech, but love it in writing.. love it in writing… I’d write a book, but I’m pretty sure David Sedaris has my particular market niche cornered. Ooh! I also hate anyone starting a report or presentation or introduction with “Webster’s Dictionary d
efines _______ as…” Kill them all!)

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