Men’s Wearhouse

*bleh* Good things and bad things..

Sean & I went to Men’s Wearhouse today and we both bought suits, I got a nice looking one, for $200.. ugh. But I do need one and it’s a nice one, but still.. $200! I always hate buying clothes that cost more than everything I’m wearing did at the time I bought it.

Then we went to lunch at Fuddrucker’s, which was good, but I left my silver pinky ring on the table and by the time I realized it and went back, the table had already been cleared. So now I need to get something for my left hand.

But other than that it looks to be a good day. I have a new game to install and some movies to watch and I’m getting together tonight with Christopher to watch tv, which I’m really looking forward to. I haven’t been sure how much to ease off or press forward with him. We haven’t “talked” about things yet, so our status is unsure. I know I still want to be with him, but I feel weird about asking to get together more often.

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