mmm, sweet release

I’m just sitting back and letting caffeine handle all my woes for the moment… this is going to be my last morning cup of coffee though, at least caffeinated. It’s starting to get to me, I’m too jittery and by lunch I’m not hungry.. kinda like Stan from Mad TV without the eye thing. Now if I can only get a better handle on my snacking during the day… I need to get more applesauce.
But I’ve got new shoes on, and it’s Friday and everything is just wonderful. *cue Mary Poppins* I got a few ideas for a site re-design yesterday, but the furthest I’ve gotten so far is creating a new favicon thingy for my site. But it’s a start. I blew the cobwebs off Photoshop and went to it. I still don’t want to go with frames, but the flash thing, while cute, tends to be a nightmare if the links aren’t all 100% correct, plus some people can’t see or interpret it in any way and some browsers crash on it.
I’ll probably gut some pages as well as some just didn’t end up being all that interesting.
Ah well.. back to work. Mmmm, co-worker brought in bagels.

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