How Evil Are You?

I tried the demo for Evil Genius last night.. It’s quite funny. I love the theme, it’s like The Sims, but campy (-er). The demo will only let you build a few rooms onto your base (Training Room, Barracks, Armory) and you can kill a lot of your enemies (ie: good guys), but it’s quite fun. The only problem is the demo only lets you play through the tutorial and it must be guided, so it’s kinda a one shot thing, unless you like to experiment with different base layouts. It didn’t rabidly wet my whistle to get the game, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’ve never been extremely good at “resources/minion management” type games, it’s too much at once, or the interface doesn’t work for me, but for the sheer Austin Powers aspect, it’s pretty cool.
City of Heroes continues to be fun, but a wee bit repetitive now. I realize that it’s always going to be the same, but I wish you could progress to newer villain group types much sooner rather than later, to keep some variety in the mix, or that groups didn’t fall off after you pass a certain level of power. Though last night’s story arc about the 5th Column guy that traveled forward in time was pretty fun. What I’m finding though is that I doubt I’ll be too willing to start up new characters from scratch.

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