I think I’m sick. I’m stuffy, sniffly yet blowing my nose does nothing to help. I foresee some hibernation this weekend, perhaps a long long nap this Saturday.
I played City of Heroes last night, it’s had a new update applied and it’s a lot of fun, *more* fun in my opinion, but I imagine there will be a lot of hardcore gamers that hate it.. why do they hate it? ‘cos they had just “figured out the system” meaning figured out how to powergame and psuedo-cheat and the developers have made changes to things. The graphics seem crisper, maps for missions are more interactive, there are more ambient noises. Heroes have the chance to get capes and constant effects, mission completion XP is higher and at the end of a story arc I got a single-origin enhancement (very nice). I also had my first outdoor mission (with my own train stop). Cool!

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