Babylon 5 Movie Starts Filming in April
Sadly it looks like the drama-quee(r)n character Galen will be a part of it, but hey, for a big screen (or straight to video) release, I can deal.
Last night in Georgetown was pretty fun, I help Norman pick up a pair of Diesel jeans that .. displayed his assets rather nicely, and I narrowly avoided picking up a $200 coat because they didn’t have any in my size (thank goddess), but it was lookin’ fierce. I did grab a very modestly priced t-shirt and hat at American Eagle, and a great shirt at Urban Outfitters for $20, they had these other lovely shirts there, but they were $125 each. I barely spend that much on a day’s outfit for the office! Oy.
Now the WALK back from Georgetown to robgatesRob and Peter’s place was a little bit rough on my feet, but I figure it was good exercise which justified the lasagna and chianti that we had for dinner. (right?)
I’ve managed to get back all the LOST episodes that I lost in the computer crash, next is catching up on the Law and Order ones.
Tonight is the INDUS FITTS (our local contract) holiday multicultural party. Sounds dreadful, no? But its a few free drinks and nibbles, then I’m off back out to Georgetown to see a gallery opening of a friend’s art. And that should be fun. It’s just odd dressing in the morning for work, party and show, realizing that you won’t be able to head back home to freshen at all.

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