Last night was a lot of fun, I knew I’d have a night off from bowling so I invited my friend David from New York over for dinner, either in or out depending on the weather (it was in) and some chatting and catching up. We talk online all the time, but since his parents live in Alexandria, he gets to town for the holidays and visits his friends. We got some chinese food and chardonnay from down the street and watched “Hush” which I’ve never seen, but was a really bad VCD copy from an ex. The sound was off and it was filled with dutch subtitles. But good line, “wanna-blessed-be’s”. It may be another year before I see him, but it’s good to catch up.
This morning, I get into work to find that yet another thing has been stolen from my desk, the first time it was a candy bar a few months back, no biggie, but this time it was a piece of swag from my last job, a clock/calculator. Very annoying, so now I have to put my entire desk on lockdown, leaving absolutely NOTHING out in plain
view. My desk is close to the door, so it would be easy for someone to pick something up and walk off with it, but we’re all fucking grown-ups here, who WOULD do something like that?
Anyway.. onto Tuesday.

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