Did the world take Friday off?

It’s just a little snow, people. Admittedly, I’d love to be sitting at home right now, I’m too awake to be in bed, but I could make a nice cup of tea, perhaps some oatmeal and listen to jazz music. But no, I walked out into what can barely be called snow and made it into the office. The streets were *dead* today, perhaps 1/10th of what I normally see, even on a Friday. Maybe everyone pulled a today… Well I get off work early myself today too, so it’s no biggie.
Roomie has made mention of dancing later tonight, we’ll have to see what comes of that, especially after I’m tanked on my AbFab martini(s).
I ordered new dishes last night, so my current ones are on their last legs. I may also get rid of a set of glasses that are rarely used. I’ll have service for 8, rarely used completely, but I think it’s a good number and allows for none too frequent need of hand-washing, or dishwasher runs.
Monster was GOOD last night, I’m absolutely amazed at Theron’s performance, it was creepy good. She really made you feel for the character, then slowly become horri
fied at the person she was becoming.
The movie opens with the woman contemplating killing herself, but she’s got 5 dollars from giving a john a blow job. She doesn’t kill herself because her rationalization is that if she died without spending the 5 dollars, it’d be like she gave that blowjob for free. — That logic is eerily close to some people I know, not necessarily when it comes to committing suicide, but in general. Well actually one it fits one “suicidal” person I know to the letter. “I can’t kill myself, there’s still ice cream in the freezer, etc.”
Still, well worth the nothing I paid for it. 😀

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