On the road again…

On the train back from Philadelphia to Washington, it seems to be moving faster than the other one, but I’n also facing backwards, so maybe that’s it.. or maybe I’ll get motion sick and puke all over the place… mmmm, puke. I need to get a tracklisting from , because this CD he gave me is hot, but since I mp3 and iPod.. I need to know what to name these tracks. Get at me, man!
I’m looking forward to getting back home, but I know the moment I get in and unpack I’ll be itching to do something, so I can either stay in and move my old PC back to my bedroom and get it all hooked up for fun and tv and games, or find someone to hang out with and grab a drink. I called Michael, but he might not be available, maybe Jenifer or Moose.
Trains need wi-fi. I’m really becoming a junkie. I wanna take my laptop places now just to see if I can break onto a signal. 😀 I guess I need to break down and get a 802.11 capable PDA, or maybe just inject some wi-fi nanoprobes into my system. But at least I’m plugged in and charged up, I guess the quiet car doesn’t even activate the outlets, since while they don’t mind people coughing and flipping pages of books, the sound of someone tapping away quietly on a laptop would just kill someone. *hmph* I oughta whip out an IBM Selectric! *DING!!*
All in all it was a fun weekend, met a new friend face to face, went to two parties, even took hostages from one party to the 2nd one with us (we were SO the cool crowd), got lots of pictures, even me with two Mummers and got some much-needed rest. I do have to work on my “end of vacation” mode though. I tend to get very focused on packing, straightening up and making sure that I get where I’m going on time. This is usually tough because the getting there is often not up to me, so I get a little focused and quiet and as pointed out to me, this can un-nerve others, so I’ll work on that this year.
Oy vey, contrary to apparent popular thought, it really is quite rude to come on a train as a couple, in the middle of the run and expect someone that’s been sitting on their own, quite contently, to move and sit next to someone else so that you can sit together.

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