makin’ a list…

Finally.. in no particular order.. my überlist…

  1. Attend Felissa’s wedding
  2. Attend Michael’s wedding
  3. Go to the American Indian Museum
  4. Go to the Opera
  5. Go to the theatre
  6. Go to the Zoo
  7. See special exhibits at the Smithsonian
  8. Go to a Gallery show
  9. Go to 3 concerts
  10. See more movies (don’t be afraid to go alone)
  11. Go to an author’s reading/book signing
  12. Go to Halo
  13. Go to Nation
  14. Go to Cobalt
  15. Go to Titan
  16. Go to The Green Lantern
  17. Go to The Eagle
  18. Go out for a big meal with friends
  19. Meet at least one new LJ-friend
  20. Expand my circle of friends
  21. Attend a gay rodeo
  22. Go to a Rennaissance Faire
  23. Go to the Folklife Festival
  24. Attend Pub Trivia night with friends
  25. Get a friend(s) to set me up on
    a blind date
  26. Go to an amusement park
  27. Play a game of DDR in an arcade
  28. Go for Karaoke with friends
  29. Have a picnic with someone special


  1. Unpack and "move in"-to the apartment
  2. Buy a Swiffer
  3. Clear off my big reading chair
  4. Read/process incoming mail every other day
  5. Throw out kitchen items/gadgets that I really don’t need or use
  6. Make candles
  7. Keep flowers in the house
  8. Buy a new style of bed linens
  9. Buy a plant


  1. Call HR about information on employee benefits
  2. Look for a government job
  3. Redesign my website
  4. Take a class in CSS
  5. Take a class in Photoshop


  1. Aggressively pay down credit cards
  2. Save towards an iBook
  3. Deal with the car once and for all
  4. Buy a new cell phone
  5. Buy a new bag for my laptop
  6. Save money towards buyi
    ng a house


  1. Join a gym
  2. Exercise at home
  3. Save towards buying a set of hand weights for home
  4. Buy new clothes
  5. Buy new shoes
  6. Develop and stick to a skincare regimen
  7. Walk around my neighborhood
  8. Ride my bike around my neighborhood (and beyond)
  9. Have more sex
  10. Find the type of relationship that works best for me
  11. Get a manicure
  12. Get a pedicure
  13. Get a salon haircut
  14. Have a spa day
  15. Throw out clothes that no longer fit (or that simply aren’t fashion, sweetie)
  16. Take/Get new pictures of myself
  17. Be more responsible about recycling
  18. Don’t be afraid to just ask a guy out
  19. Buy some sex toys
  20. Purchase something from Mr. S
  21. Be more direct with my ex’s
  22. Stop encouraging my ex’s via my actions or inaction
  23. Lose 10 pounds
  24. Learn to enjoy hugs
  25. Peoplewatch
  26. See the leaves/colors change in fall
  27. Watch more classically/culturally "gay" movies
  28. Learn a country line dance


  1. Drink more wine
  2. Attend wine tastings
  3. Go to Vintage Virginia
  4. Learn about/drink more dark liquors
  5. Go to a Martini Bar
  6. Go the Farmer’s Market more often
  7. Try at least 1 new recipe a month
  8. Learn to make 5 new cocktails
  9. Have a dinner party
  10. Organize clipped recipes
  11. Cook an entirely vegetarian meal
  12. Cook dinner for someone special
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Eat a smoked turkey leg
  15. Eat at IHOP more often for the warm fuzzies


  1. Organize comic books
  2. Complete the Farscape dvd sets
  3. Complete the Babylon 5 dvd sets
  4. Add no more than 2 movies to the Netflix Queue a month (or 24 this year)
  5. Watch the movies I have lying around saved for "a later date"
  6. Get a more regular cycle for going through the Netflix list
  7. Watch Red Dwarf from the beginning
  8. Read 1 new book a month (not including below)
  9. Read & attend at least 1/2
    of the LSF book discussion club meetings


  1. Travel to Las Vegas
  2. Travel to San Diego
  3. Travel to Boston
  4. Travel to Atlanta

I joined the community, so I can cross post it over there, or just link to this entry when I’m approved and what not. I didn’t really put anything in order of priority, as its more a to-do list for me, it’s most likely listed in the order I added it. I did try to categorize things, but I’m sure some items belong in more than one category. My Social category beats out my Self-Improvement by one item, but the two categories are really more interlinked for me.
Anyway, here’s to 2005! 🙂

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