greater of two evils?

From CNN Law Center: Prostitute reports client in child porn case

Police: Prostitute reports client in child porn case

HOLLYWOOD, Florida (AP) — A prostitute
turned in a customer after seeing child pornography, including a video
of an apparent toddler rape, on the man’s home computer, police said.

Carlos Negron said police were contacted by the woman on Tuesday,
saying that while working at the man’s apartment as a prostitute she
saw numerous pictures of children who appeared to be between ages 3 and
16 performing sex.

The woman told police that it was a disturbing
video that showed the rape of a younger child, perhaps no older than 2,
that caused her to make the call aft
er she left the apartment, the
South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Negron said Federico Eduardo
Amezaga, 29, let investigators search his apartment, where they found
numerous photos and videos of children performing sex acts.

arrested Amezaga on 15 charges of possessing child pornography and took
him to the Broward County Jail, where he was being held Friday in lieu
of $150,000 bond.

He is being represented by the Broward County
public defender’s office, which did not immediately return messages
seeking comment.

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I don’t condone prostitution or child porn, but there’s no mention of arresting the woman, just the man. Maybe it’s legal in Florida, but generally where its legal, I’ve seen the term “sex worker” used instead of “prostitute”.
I dunno.. it just seemed odd to me. Police tip from a hooker. Did she get off scot free because she handed them something bigger?

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