on the subject of filters…

I’m sick to death of ’em… So they’re outta here. There are some that I will keep for the privacy of others, but for the most part, my posts are going to be public or friends-only from here on out. I might start removing old filters and turning those into friends only posts, since I guess I’m just over the concept of LJ-drama. I’m happy with people reading my journal, but reading INTO it is another matter entirely. It’s so much easier to e-mail/IM/ask me directly if something’s up. I’m not sure where LJ/Blogger turned the corner from online diary to “this is how I will let the world know my inner feelings without having to say them directly.” but I’ve had it up t’here with it. 🙂
Now, all that said, I had a nice dinner date last night with MG (ok, names will still be nicked to protect the “innocent”) at Sesto Senso in Dupont, the movie on Wednesday with ES was a lot of fun too. Going out on dates with more than one person or “dating around” always makes me a little edgy, as I don’t want it to feel like a competition like it did with one of my ex’s. But I was very impressed and relieved
when I was chatting with ES and he asked if my dinner on Thursday was a date and didn’t appear to flinch about it.
I don’t need to go into details or anything, but I can’t say “I’m having dinner with a friend.” it’s either “Dinner in Dupont” or “A dinner date in Dupont” – whichever the person I’m talking to seems most comfortable with.
It brings up a memory when Matthew was over at my place and we’re on the couch watching Law & Order and Jake called and asked what I was doing and I said “Watching tv with a friend.” – the moment I said it, I knew it was the wrong thing, as Matthew had his shoes on and bag packed practically before I could even hang up the phone. We had been seeing each other for at least a month by then, so yeah.. my bad.
I’m also very much into the idea of “disclosure” – my last roommate had some… fairly important facts that should have been mentioned to people that he dated/slept with (no, he was/is not HIV+ to my knowledge, that’s not it – most of you should know what I’m talkin’ about) and he’d often hold off til he absolutely had to and it would often go very wrong. I don’t want that for myself, especially for people that I might really like. And it’s hard as hell to come up with that many alternate
answers to “So what’d you do last night?” Honesty is simply so much easier.

And on a totally unrelated note, I really want this.
Mmmmm, liberating.. like walking out on a windy day in linen pants with no underwear on… 😛

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