Monthly Archive: February 2005


helluva weekend..

Greek Food, seeing on my coast and meeting Q, Ice Skating.. falling while skating *ouch*, Margaritas!, dancing with the ladies at Apex, and Superbowl Sunday. Ok, I need a nap.


Dweebs in the Circle

Sat, Feb 5, 2005 18:54, originally uploaded by urbanbohemian. Of course, Alan and I look like doofuses in this photo and Quincy and Darwin look great… What’s up with that?


Does anyone else notice…

Bush is getting less and less afraid of using the word, agenda. Recently, “Our agenda ought to be able to stand on its own two feet.” From an IM, ES: he’s probably all for agenda equality *groan*


remember kids, always complain.

I never expected to hear from US Airways regarding my complaint about them losing my baggage for 4 days, even though I did write a rather long letter via their online form. I got the standard response of “we’ll forward...

i shall post nothing serious today…

From Family Guy: Cleveland: That tickles me in a way where, if Loretta were to tickle me that way, I’d say, “Oh… yeah, that’s it… that’s the spot.” This is the yanked Budweiser ad for this year’s superbowl.. hilarious. Wardrobe...



is anyone else’s gmail page telling them they have 50 invites left? *edit, I’m now down to 49… 😀


Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker Best line of the review: It’s completely useless and obviously a mechanism of the Gay Conspiracy, but I want one pretty badly. Took a mental health day today… I needed the rest. Saw “Phantom of the Opera”...