remember kids, always complain.

I never expected to hear from US Airways regarding my complaint about them losing my baggage for 4 days, even though I did write a rather long letter via their online form. I got the standard response of “we’ll forward it along” and that was it.
Well yesterday (picked up this morning) in the mail I got a letter from US Airways that I thought might be another credit card solicitation, but my address was typed on the front, not through a window. I just opened it and there’s a little envelope from their Office of Consumer Affairs with a pre-printed “Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance to you. We look forward to welcoming you aboard another US Airways flight.” card in it and a travel voucher for $150 towards a flight. Sometimes they don’t even offer the full-seat flight volunteers that much.
So, always write a letter. In addition to it probably making you feel a little better, someone might actually listen up. So far this and last year, I got credit from HP, free dinner and appetizer at Outback, free pizzas from Papa John’s, and now this from US Air. And I’m about to write a
letter to CVS asking why a store would just *not* carry an advertised special (and I’m not talking beer/wine), it’s less of a complaint, since I had to walk less than a block to the Safeway which beat every single one of CVS’ special prices, but still, it was annoying. Any extra distance carrying detergent in one hand and sodas in another is a pain.. and really reminds one that one should get to the gym more often.

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