3/4-7: weekend in review

Friday.. poker.. I believe I already said that I got jacked, and I mean JACKED. Came away with nothing, though I did hang in much longer than I expected to. I didn’t have the cards, and by the time I did, I was the short stack and its hard to play aggressively as the short stack when people can usually nose you out with worse cards, but more aggression (and money). I also had QUITE a lot to drink, but being the professional lush I am, I made it home with no difficulties, getting into bed was quite another thing, I fell on the bed twice trying to get undressed and into my pajamas.. oh those drinkin’ nights.

Saturday morning, woke up sans hangover [professional lush, see?] but defintiely cotton mouthed. Got to the computer to calculate when I needed to catch the bus to Rob’s place for gaming, laid out some clothes and then went back to bed for a bit longer. Unfortunately, I should have laid out my gaming gear and laptop as well since it was putting that together that caused me to be late out the door and have a little slip and fall on the way out of the building, to try to catch the bus that was LATE. What a sap I be, yar. But I was still somewhat on time to Rob’s place, the only one on time considering that the previous night’s drinking had wiped out Norman, Josh was also running late having slept in, Michael’s usually late and Stephen… I’m not sure what kept him. But still I was there, writing on my laptop while Peter and Rob watched the tail end of Children of Dune.

Gaming went pretty well, except that Michael is becoming near impossible to play with. He’s loud, rude, constantly interrupting and interjecting with meaningless crap and this time he actually threw a tantrum in which he threatened to leave the game if he didn’t get his way. I had to hold myself back from telling him to get the fuck out, then. But it wasn’t my call, really. What I don’t understand is why the people who’ve played with him the longest don’t take him aside and tell him that his playing “style” just isn’t a good one. I know that it is probably really difficult to find people to RPG game with, so when you do find them, you don’t want to turn them away, but from my observations and the commentary of others, it appears that people are having to work extra hard to enjoy the game because of him.

more on some people’s behavior later as this is a weekend recap…

After gaming Sat night, I went home to rest my ankle and knees and take a nap, then headed over to Will’s place for dinner with his hubbypoo Richard and Greg. GOOD dinner and conversation even though I wasn’t really up for a lot of it, it was still nice to listen, we went through Will’s comics and tried to see which ones would bring in some money for him and which might be worthless, then just hung out forever chatting and trying on kinky and fun shirts. Greg was kind enough to give me a ride back to my place and I blissfully passed out.

Sunday was an unexpectedly gorgeous day, I rarely read up on the weather til the day of. Jenifer and I had lunch at City Lights of China, and then back home for me to do some cleaning, a lot of rest and relaxation, and some hunting in City of Heroes. Some badges require you to take down a large number of a certain type of villain, lucky for me, the ones I don’t have, I can find in lower level areas, so it isn’t really work for me, just tedium, though some don’t spawn as often as they should. Still, I got my Warden badge (arrest at least 500 Prisoners) and I’m still working on the Zookeeper badge (arrest 1000? 5000? Rikti Monkeys).

Today seems even nicer outside, so I almost wish I could have stayed in bed, but I didn’t feel that bad, and I try to only call out no more than once per pay period anyway to make it easier to make up hours. I was the first into the office today and everyone’s coming in feeling the same way about staying home. Ah well, hopefully the day will go quickly and then bowling tonight!

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