facebook: the biggest pecker*

Now what did I JUST say about getting like-jacked, folks?! This weekend, a few more of my contacts got suckered in on a most embarrassingly titled link. Though I have to admit, if I’d been drinking at the time, this would have given me a vaudeville-perfect spit take.

You can’t really see it from the thumbnail, and as I was curious, I logged out of Facebook completely and then went to the link. The site has a huge overlay saying “click here to skip this ad” with what appears to be an ad for the movie 3:10 to Yuma. At no point did my 3 Facebook friends think, “Hm, why would there be an ad for a three-year old movie on this site? Oh well, hurry up and get to the guy with the big pecker!”**

Taking a look at the source code, as expected, no matter where you click on the site, you’re not going where you thought you were going and then all of those people able to view your default setting on Facebook*** see exactly what you “liked”.

These sites are taking advantage of the fact that we’re already inclined to click on “cool sites” and jokes sent to us via e-mail or IM, so just wise up a little bit before you click. Most of us are smart enough not to forward the e-mail saying Microsoft will pay us if we forward it to 10 friends, and a lot of us remember to do a search before we believe an urban legend, but for some reason Facebook’s ease is just too alluring and even the relatively-tech savvy of my friends are clicking away like there’s no tomorrow. Just remember, if the joke or the picture is really that funny, it will still be funny after a quick google search! :mrgreen:

* With the recent buzz around Hung and The Hard Times of RJ Berger, this is a reality show just waiting to be produced, seriously.

** For future reference and to save potential likejacking victims, the man with the largest penis currently on record is actor/writer Jonah Falcon [wikipedia].

*** That setting, however, may still be limited so it’s not a guarantee that everyone–say, job headhunters or… your grandmother–will see it.

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